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Saturday, December 5, 2020

TNT Quest startup using games to change how kids learn


For those of us who remember chalkboards, learning to write in cursive and memorizing the multiplication tables, the idea of video games in classrooms seems like some sort of joke.

But while we talk kids’ ears off about having to walk three miles to school, uphill (both ways), educational institutions are leaning on video games to help students retain information. These local startups are part of that movement.

A big hello from TNT Quest!

Just like the chemical compound TNT, Tanay, Neo (Vir) &Tarush make an explosive team of Teenage Entrepreneurs that create fun and educational games for kids.

The Quest
In early 2019, at the ages 15, 14 and 17, we conceived the idea of TNT Quest. Having spent endless weekends and holidays playing all kinds of indoor and outdoor games, we decided to take our interest to another level and came up with the idea of creating card games that would combine learning with entertainment. We were deeply interested in varied topics like histories of different countries, trivia from around the world, wildlife, sports and more. This was the basis for the games we created.

We spent months collecting data and fact checking, juggling school assignments and projects on the side. Then came the part of establishing the mechanics of the games. Having tested out the games with our friends and family for genuine feedback we went beyond the basics, venturing into areas we had not dabbled in before, like designing the cards, figuring out printing & distribution issues and stock handling. The whole endeavour was a great learning curve, from the creative process to financials that involved more than just pocket money.

Country Quest:Experience fun & learning through this colourful and informative card game that explores different countries, interesting facts, flags, capitals and other exciting trivia. With multiple ways of playing the game, both kids and adults can stay engaged for hours. 

Jungle Quest: Learn about the coolest animals on the planet with this entertaining and educational card game. Discover facts on wildlife that you never knew before through four different ways to play. Packed in a compact, high quality box, it’s a must have for parties, birthdays, family fun and even holidays.


The first game - Country Quest - was put up for sale about a year ago through marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and excitingLives. Within a few months sales increased considerably. We then also began exporting this to the US and UK. A new game - Jungle Quest - was released recently. Today hundreds of these games are sold every month to happy customers in India, United States and across the European Union.

The Future

We are currently working on games targeting different age groups and skill sets as well as other gaming formats. In the current pandemic environment, indoor games are making a comeback. Card games, board games and other non-gadget leisure activities are keeping families entertained in their homes. And this is where TNT Quest comes into play, literally!

TNT Quest

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