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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Stylekhoj - Building Platform to inform people's fashion apparel


Building Platform to inform people's fashion apparel 

Every brand has to be on Instagram today. Javid  started his freelancing carrier in 2016 as social media manager & analyst his full concept was not to earn money but to gain knowledge by helping people and brands. Stylekhoj was discovered on 17 November 2018, stylekhoj was mainly launched for the people who take social media platforms to lead there stylish life with elegant and fashionable ideas. And here’s how his journey initiated.

He was thinking to start something unique in digital platform which should help & entertain people in there daily life, so he started his own brand named "Stayvog" in 2018 later i changed it to "Stylekhoj" for some reason. he personally asked and questioned many, they said they dont know where to buy there favourite celebrity wears, especially women’s!  So he came up with this idea and Stylekhoj took place. This was his business concept. he look forward to become world’s preferred fashion platform. Vision of Stylekhoj is to guide fashion where people enrich there life with their own styles.


Since year 2016 to now he have helped more than 1000+ people and brands to create their business in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. And he have also managed social media profiles of actors, artists, models, bloggers, and sportsmen. 

My turning point came one night as I was sitting at home with my family after quitting my first job in yes bank, my family was asking me what will I do further. My only answer was about following my passion. Stylekhoj will be reaching more audience and entertaining more people through various platforms, currently they are developing  app and website, and it will be launched soon this year. 

If passion gives us the dream, then our vision builds the road to achieve that dream, is what he believe in always. his inspiration is Aftab Khan, founder of Filmgyan. The way he put forth his ideas into practical world is insane and inspiring. Even though he had quit a professional job in financial field, his family & friends gave me full support and love, especially he want to thank his elder sister Shabiha, she supported & helped him a lot. 

First thing is focus on what you do, learn from more people. Secondly, creating your own value and thirdly, earning happiness is must later money will get you automatically, are the real life factors he always believed in. Building up confidence in his own judgment & decisions, matters to me the most.

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