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Monday, May 3, 2021

The Block of Abundance by "The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil"

The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil 

The Block of Abundance by "The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil"

Growing up in an environment where each household has a certain set of beliefs and ideologies brings about certain myths and beliefs which are embedded into us. Trying to set oneself free from them with years of conditioning is very difficult and not easy at all. 

First and foremost one will have to change their thought process and bring about accepting and knowing that there is enough and more for all. Once this comes in next would be open to receive and have the gratitude for every small thing that comes or happens in one life is equally important and needed. 

Through our perceptions and thoughts, we start to create blocks and the biggest block we can have is our mindset towards the flow of abundance into our life. There are many blogs and videos about the same. The conditioning in our mind is so deep-rooted it takes time to undo and change the same. Nothing happens overnight but with time and certain tasks like

Stating Affirmations 

Having a vision board

Setting intentions

Working on the mindset 

Being optimistic and positive 

Having a happy and abundant mindset 

The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil

These help, though it’s not easy and takes time to inculcate and make it part of one daily routine. When one sits in the space of lack, then more and more things happen which have to do with being in the lack. The universe is in synchronization with us and our thoughts. Sitting in lack makes us attract lack and at the time when we change it to having an abundant mindset helps manifest abundance into our life. 

The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil

Nevertheless the point is having the right mindset and helping oneself come out of the myths and beliefs and knowing the importance of having the right statements is very important. For eg:- if we keep saying I don’t have, no matter what you are sitting in the lack and attracting the same into your life. 

Working towards being happy and living a life like you have abundance helps you attract that with ease and comfort. The point is there is fear of overspending, one should be cautious and never overspend. But that doesn’t mean don’t spend at all. When you know and understand that abundance is energy and the more you spend it the more it comes back makes it easy and comfortable to spend with ease and comfort. 

Ample bounty in the universe needs our dreams and aspirations to be voiced by a naive soul to create enthusiasm for the same. In short, this can be written as ABUNDANCE. 


Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil

Princess Jayapalashri Anil

Jayapalashri Anil

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