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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

In Interview with Naveen Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO, Karewise



In Interview with Naveen Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO, Karewise

At IdeapreneurIndia, we had the opportunity to interview with Naveen Gulati and Sandeep Gulati, cofounders of Karewise. We spoke with them to discuss some of the strategies that have specifically been undertaken by Karewise, their views on the various approaches that should be taken by large corporations.

KareWise who are they?

Simply a new business, a new startup and new company whichever you want to make it. We are here to build a website, to improve lives of families, committed to excellent service and building loving communities of elders and carers, we as a family do this together.


The Vision

At KareWise, our vision is to connect, to connect the local care providers to the ones who need them and provide affordable care giving services to elders and those that need it. As healthcare should be affordable to everybody. There are loads of care giving agencies and health care services that claim to provide the best services. 

How is your platform different from them? 

Our business primary focus is not to earn but to provide compassionate care. We started KareWise a care giving website with the aim to provide care to our elders that live away from us and there are many of us out there especially when we can't reach them on time. We aim to provide our care giving services to even those whose family members can only do the bare minimum and their elders remain unattended and or their own. This platform was never a business idea but rather a community-building link. The very thought of launching this type of caregiving services platform came to mind when our founders Naveen and Sandeep Gulati were in desperate need of these services for their parents who were living in India.

When did these people start?

KareWise was officially registered in the Indian market and in India on the 14 th of July 2021 however the journey began long before that.

Where did you get the idea for this company?

The organisation began with the founders (Naveen and Sandeep Gulati) own personal experience as they struggled to find the right care for their mother, who suffered a stroke and kidney failure. They spent time in India at the time when she was in hospital. and it was during that time they experienced some exceptional service offered by the nursing and support staff at the hospital, and through this was born.

What problem are you trying to solve? 

KareWise is a UK based organisation, our core agenda is to give senior members of society a chance at a good life, starting services within India to help connect carers, nurses, and other medical professionals directly with Care Receivers to support them.


Our Founders

Naveen Gulati, Who has 20y strategy, operations & mobile development experience, completed a MBA at Leeds University and has worked at various companies to develop a successful and to improve SME operations time management tools in record time and at O2 reach their full potential.

Naveen Gulati

(Founder:Naveen Gulati)

Sandeep Gulati, 15 years of digital marketing experience, deep knowledge in Adtech and MarTech solutions across a variety of companies and industries, Also completed his M.Sc. in Information Management, through Leeds University And on our leadership team

Sandeep Gulati

(Founder: Sandeep Gulati)

Who’s on your leadership team and what’s their background? 

Naveen Gulati - CEO

Sandeep Gulati - Head of Marketing

Shashi Pashikanti - Head of Development

Arti Devmurari - Head of Social Media and HR


How did we get here?

Simple question with a very very long detailed answer but I will break it down, it is very simply from the personal experience of our founders when their mother got ill and that is where this whole idea came about as I explained earlier.

How are you different from the competition?

We all know how important it is to find the best care for our parents and finding that best care is difficult at the best of times. are not here to make money; we just want to serve humanity with compassion, love and affection. Also, just like other care agencies, we don't earn commissions from you; therefore, we created this platform to bring all caregivers and care seekers together and help each other. 

How much have you raised in total over how many rounds?

We haven’t raised any funds at this point as we are a Privately Funded organisation.

Who are your investors? 

We don’t have any investors at this stage we are Privately Funded.

Who are some of your clients?

Well that depends. Who is a caregiver? A caregiver is anybody that has that skill, that has that passion and wants to do something better. So at this point we class our clients as the caregiver that can sign up onto our platform. You don’t need to have a health care background, you just need to have the skill, energy and that passion to help somebody, in order to get something done. Its kinda like starting your own business, work your own hours set your own pricing so if you are a cook a cleaner, a nurse or a doctor and then we want you to be a part of this sign up and register its very simple cos once your on the platform there will be someone that needs you and you will be able to support them and you can ever do it as a volunteer. There is a lot of people where it's not about money but providing something to the community.

Who are your main competitors?

We do have a lot of competitors out there and we are all about providing that care service to the others We are different because we are removing that middle person and you the carers are directly able to deal with care givers and receivers

What’s your revenue?

Our revenue we have Planned revenue forecasted to be 1.7 Cr for our first year in 2021.

How many markets are you in?

We are in the Indian market, and we plan in the next 5 years to reach the European market and the rest of the world. We want to get it right in India and that’s where we feel the need is.

How fast are you growing?

We started with 2 employees and now have 15 employees in August. We started earlier in the year but weren’t officially registered as mentioned earlier. But the journey is still there and we have built and grown very fast. So, I hope today this answers a lot of the main questions. 

Who KareWise is and what we’re all about?

We’re not here for the money we want to help and We’re doing it for our parents! I live in Australia and I do know firsthand how hard it is to find good services and caring providers as I and my family have gone through our own experience. We have our story which will be shared later on but finding that right support took a while, and we eventually got there.

So thank you very much for your time, I hope that this has informed you and given you a bit of an insight on who we are. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and have a fantastic day.

 Website -

"We Are KareWise"

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