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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Channelled Message for the Generic Guidance for the Month of September 2021 by "The Spiritual Princess- Jayapalashri Anil"

Channelled Message for the Generic Guidance for the Month of September 2021 by "The Spiritual Princess- Jayapalashri Anil"

The monthly guidance as per the Birth Numbers (1-9 or Adding upto this)

You are asked to be a little slow with your thought process and be mindful with how you talk. Being talkative at times could distract you from the thirst of knowledge. Find new ways of communicating which could bring a positive change and an upward movement towards your growth and success. Do not hold back it’s okay at times for you to take certain risks in life. At the same time do not be reckless with your thoughts and acts. You are asked to take mental rest and work with clarity this could only come through meditation which would help you have stability and focus as you move forward. Take a breath before you move forward being resilient and having the courage. This is a test of faith set your boundaries and be persistent for the choices you take. A lot of reads this month have come in a sequence and a-lot of deep meaning. 

1 - The cards are asking you to avoid moving towards the paths of dishonesty. The lack of accountability and also the feeling of being unfair about things that has happened to you would often lead you to the point of disappointment. Be a go-getter as this would help you build on your confidence. Be determined which would help you to also be bold and outgoing. Work on being independent and build courage for you to move forward with the choices that you’re going to be taking. Bring about the art of giving and receiving which would help you work on your good karma. At the same time it is okay and it is important for you to share your wealth with generosity and openness. You need to know that at times that you need to give and be helpful for you to receive the same back.

Lucky Numbers - 3, 6, 9

Lucky Crystals - Black Obsidian, Garnet, Amethyst 

Lucky Colours - White, Blue, Indigo 

Affirmation :- “The more I share the more the abundance starts to flow towards me”. 

Mantra :- Om Gum Ganapathye Namaha 

2 - A truly powerful read come out for you, you are asked to take the leap of faith as you move forward with this month. This would bring in new journeys at times maybe travel too. That could be a new beginning as you move forward. It is advisable for you to let go of the past and travel light as you move forward. Be free spirited and have the spontaneity in you to move forward with carefree attitude and happiness. It is totally understandable that you are looking for justice and fairness with everything that is happening to you. At the same time trying to understand the cause and effect law. The truth would come out eventually when you bring a perfect balance to your acts with righteousness. Bring a structured thinking and understand that every action would have a consequence. Look on working your courage be bold and outgoing. It is good for you to be a go-getter at the same time have confidence and be independent as you move forward as a social butterfly.

Lucky Numbers - 1, 3, 9

Lucky Crystals - Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Mookite 

Lucky Colours - Yellow, Orange, Green 

Affirmation :- “I am open for the flow of abundance into my life/ space.”

Mantra :- Om Vishnave namah. 

3 -  It is pretty evident that you are going through a period where there are many insecurities about the home-front or with your finances. It is also understandable that you are caught between taking choices and decisions in your life due to these reasons. It is all about taking the rightful choices and maintaining a balance as you juggle through the ways of life. It’s important to prioritize yourself and have time management as you move forward with the ups and downs of life and be open for blocks and challenges. Adapt to the ways of life and be focused. There is a promise of new financial opportunities coming your way. It is all about having the right mindset to bring in the manifestation of abundance into your space. Work on your thoughts and ideas which would bring in this required flow of energy. It also speaks about the importance of staying dedicated and committed which would help you through the manifestations have the skills to overcome obstacles and challenges as the financial opportunities come your way. 

Lucky Numbers - 1, 2, 4

Lucky Crystals - Shungite, Turquoise, Jade 

Lucky Colours - Red, Green, Lavender 

Affirmation :- “I am a powerful being of manifestations”. 

Mantra :- Om Saravana Bhava . 

4 - A truly interesting read bringing out the importance of working on your sensitive nature at the same time you also need to look at being curious and inquisitive with the flow of things. Trust your intuition and look at working on various possibilities which would bring in opportunities onto your doorstep. At times you may need to be creative with the flow of thoughts to have the opportunities coming your way. Avoid going to the point of being stereo type. Bring in passion and required energy for you to stay inspired and be action driven as you move towards the various adventures of life. At times being impulsive could put you in a spot so think before you take any decision. You are nudged to work on your sensitive nature, this would help in bringing your new ideas and inspiration. You need to work from the point of being free spirited which would bring limitless potential’s towards you and you would be able to discover new ideas and opportunities.

Lucky Numbers - 2, 3, 4

Lucky Crystals - Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Moss Agate 

Lucky Colours -  Dark Green, Turquoise, Sea Blue

Affirmation : “I am happy and peaceful with my choices in life.”

Mantra :- Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namaha. 

5 -  It is understandable that you have personal setbacks which could leave you towards the path of challenges and blocks stopping you from moving on with your life. You need to work on having self forgiveness towards these issues. Living in the past would not help you move forward in your life at the same time living in the past you would not be able to also forgive. Let go of the past forgive  things that you do not need anymore in your life. Bring in the point of being happy and playful as you move forward as this is lacking for you at this very moment. The disagreements which is coming towards you and it is present in your life is due to these things and the setbacks. You need to look at the emotional pain which is bringing in grief hurt and sorrow release this and let go of the heartbreak as you decide to take your step forward releasing all these. 

Lucky Numbers - 3, 5, 6

Lucky Crystals - Rose Quartz, Apache Tears, Orange Calcite 

Lucky Colours - Pink, Blue, Yellow 

Affirmation :- “I choose to forgive and be happy as I let go of the past.” 

Mantra :- Om Mani Padme Hum. 

Jayapalashri Anil

6 - A lot of work has to be done by you in releasing all the things that is not needed for you in your space. Avoid moving into the space of living in the Darkside of wealth. In other words do not get lured by the greed and jealousy factors. They may be financial failures or  losses which is coming your way but you need to focus on how you would be able to come out of it and not get stuck in it. It is important for you to release your limited beliefs and dark thoughts, these thoughts which is holding you in a space of fear and resentment. Detach yourself and do not get caught in the illusions. The confusion and indecision can all be overcome when you have the required information and able to take the rightful decision as you move ahead in your life. There is a strong message for you which you really need to work on and that is to release the limited beliefs which is bringing in the Darkside of wealth to you. 

Lucky Numbers - 1, 2, 6, 

Lucky Crystals - Black Onyx, Hematite, Pyrite

Lucky Colours - Gold, Yellow, Blue 

Affirmation :- “Limited beliefs are powerless over me as I move on with my life.”

Mantra :- Om Namaha Shivaya 

7 - The much needed happiness can come into your life when you learn to balance yourself and have the required art of giving and receiving. It is important for you to work on having good karma and this can come in when you learn to share your wealth. Work with charities and be generous with your well, at the same time you need to understand the importance that the more you give the more you will receive. Be grounded and bring forth the warrior spirit which would help you take the required decisions for you to move forward. You are asked to connect to the divine feminine energy to bring in the abundance into your life work with love and compassion as you stay grounded nurturing and caring. Stay empowered as you embrace yourself and receive the abundance of life. You would be able to receive this when you stay connected to your higher self and the Divine feminine energy as you move in to the stillness of your mind you would be connecting to your subconscious mind and allowing yourself to open to the mysteries of life bringing in knowledge and stability with the required wisdom having a perfect balance to the Yin and Yang energy within your space.

Lucky Numbers - 2, 3, 6

Lucky Crystals - Citrine, Aquamarine, Emerald 

Lucky Colours - Red, Green, Yellow 

Affirmation :- “I am a divine being of love and grace spreading joy and happiness ”. 

Mantra :- Om Lakshmi Narayana Namaha 

8 - A truly powerful read came out for you all,  you are asked to step out of the hectic routine of yours. Slow down take it easy it is good at times to unlearn and relearn. Pause, surrender let go of the things that is not needed for you bring a new perspective into your life as you have awareness of what exactly is happening. You are asked to relax and plunge into the stillness which would bring in the required knowledge and wisdom onto your space. It is understandable that you are looking for a new start or a beginning the time has come for you to move in and understand the inner calling, receive the guidance and move forward bringing the transformational change into your life. There is a lot of positive results coming your way with a lot of success. You need to focus on having the freedom to enjoy life be carefree and youthful bringing in warmth and fun with all the work that you do.

Lucky Numbers - 1, 2, 3, 

Lucky Crystals - Moonstone, BloodStone, SunStone

Lucky Colours - Blue, White, Green

Affirmation :- “Everytime I am happy in life abundance flows to naturally, easily, effortlessly.”

Mantra :- Om Dum Durgayei Namaha.

9 - You need to slow down, the point of partying and socializing a little. Focus on having alone time and bring in the required introspection into your life and into your space. You also need to look at being independent with the choices and the decisions that you take. You are asked to step out of the rat race  that you are trying to run. Stop or slow down think and learn from the mistakes of the past before you move forward in your life. At the same time it is good to surrender and let go of the things that is not needed for you at this very moment. Through the awareness that you have bring a new perspective as you take the plunge. There is a lot of success and growth coming your way what do you need to focus on is to have the time and attitude to be carefree to bring in the required success and stability into your space. 

Lucky Numbers - 2, 4 6

Lucky Crystals - Selenite, Flourite, Blue Tiger Eye

Lucky Colours - Peacock Blue, Sea Green, Violet

Affirmation :- “I love myself and accept myself for who I am”. 

Mantra :- Om Hum Hanumateye Namaha. 

(Please note this is a generic read to get things more accurately it’s good to have a personal read. Incase of relationship issues, financial issues it good to also do certain rituals and affirmations. It’s good to consult a specialist before starting) 

Channelled by The Spiritual Princess Jayapalashri Anil 

Founder-Samskar Healing 

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