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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Eureka! – E-Cell IIT Bombay’s annual B-model competition goes international


Eureka! – E-Cell IIT Bombay’s annual B-model competition goes international

Eureka! –E-Cell IIT Bombay’s annual B-model competition goes international

The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay is an organization that conducts several initiatives throughout the year to promote entrepreneurship. One of their highly acclaimed initiatives is Eureka! – a Business Model competition started back in 1998 to accelerate the most innovative ideas into commercial successes. Eureka! has achieved the title of Asia’s largest business model competition and has helped numerous startups become multi-million-dollar entities.

Eureka! 2021, the 23rd edition of the competition presented by SBI General Insurance, is going to be extra magnificent as it expands to the GCC region (A region covering UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain) beyond the Indian subcontinent. Prizes worth INR 80 Lakhs will be awarded to the winners along with mentoring, networking, incubation and funding opportunities. All the winning startups will be taken to Expo 2020 Dubai by Gulf Islamic Investments, Powered By sponsor of Eureka! 2021.

Startups can register for Eureka! 2021 at:

With a year of lockdown and restricted business activity, several problems have become prevalent in the society. Eureka! envisions to bring out the best solutions to these problems in different sectors and provide the support that is needed by them to solve the woes of the society. This year, the competition is divided into 7 different tracks:

1.      Salesken AI Business Track: The Flagship track of Eureka!, the business track aims to help ideas develop into businesses that have the potential to revolutionize the world.

2.      Swalamban SIDBI Social Track: The Social track encourages ideas and B-models which cater to people closer to the bottom of the pyramid and envision the greater good of the society.

3.      SBI General Fintech Track: The fintech track encompasses advances in technology and changes in business models that have the potential to transform the provision of financial services through the development of innovative instruments, channels, and systems.

4.      Shell Sustainable and Affordable Energy Track: The Sustainable and Affordable energy track encourages startups that are working towards clean energy goals and providing alternatives to the traditional fuels.

5.      Godrej Agrovet Food and Agro Track: The Food and Agro track aims at supporting innovation in the field of Food & Agriculture industry. There is a lot of potential in this sector as the millennial generation is moving towards healthy eating habits while trying to retain the enjoyment of eating junk food.

6.      Westbridge Capital Pan-IIT Track: The Pan-IIT track invites entries from startups founded by students or alumni of any of the 23 Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).

7.      Gulf Islamic Investments Edutech Track: With the pandemic shaking up the entire world including the education system, transition to a digital mode has now become an absolute necessity rather than a mere technology-driven trait. This track has got education and innovation excellence at its core.

This year in association with Sprinklr&Agora as the Platinum Sponsors, Riverwalk Holdings as the Venture Partner,9 Unicorns as IIT Venture Partner,  Eureka! aims at providing a once in a lifetime experience to all its participants while at the same time giving away a lot of perks to the participants and winners including a direct entry into the TiE Pune Venture Program, funding of upto USD 1.5 Million to each of the top 50 startups of Eureka! by Indian Angel Network, incubation opportunities from NITI Aayog, and much more.

Eureka prides itself on providing a 360o, holistic experience in the 5-month period that it spans. If you feel that your Idea is the best and funding is all that’s needed to turn your idea into reality. Then why don’t you let the same Idea win money for you?

Register now at the link in the poster. Who knows, your idea might be the next unicorn!


Registration Deadline – 16th October’21

For any queries, contact –

Suryansh Bhandari, Events Head (+91-88962-44444;

Manasvi Seth, Events Head (+91-97528-85343;

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