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Monday, October 4, 2021

Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Neha Kala

Neha Kala

Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Neha Kala

This self made woman from Indian fraternity Ms. Neha Kala is known for her thoughts and helpful attitude, A Sai ardent never fails to help anyone. Her thought process is the simplest among the most women we come across these days. The one who could conceptualize,  develop and run around 11 self Projects. A tagline was allocated to this lady "Been there, done that; describes the professional expertise and achievements of Delhi-born Entrepreneur- cum-social worker' which fits her to the core 

Ideapreneur India - Who is Neha Kala ?

Neha Kala - Ouch, The start is my high point ! I am an extremely simple yet extremely complicated human. The one who has many sides inhales in me to the core. I am a Spiritual, Practical, Entrepreneur, Modest, Straight Forward and I perhaps carry the Combination of  being Polite & Harsh both. 

Ideapreneur India -  What is Education-brought-up-Practical Experience for you ?

Neha Kala - Education is a prime part of one's life though i would keep Brought-up(Sanskaar) on top as an educated person may forget Brought-up(Sanskaar) however a Sanskari one will never forget the other side of it. Education definitely gives us the base structure of how we see the world ? How should we address the world ? however Practical experience slips the reality on us. As per me all 3 are equally & they die without each other.

Ideapreneur India - When were you founded? 

Neha Kala - Principally my parents founded me (Lol) However i had been a clear at head(thought) girl since my initial days (My Mom & Sister mentioned this to me). They (Mom/Sis) told me that even in my childhood when I was offered toys I preferred to choose the ones relevant to Work or would choose Books and a writing Pad along with beautiful NIB to write. I am in a way Fascinated by Books and Pens.

I remember, when i was in 10th i was asked to choose the stream and being a Scholar all assumed my choice to be Science or at-least Commerce and i shocked them all by selecting Arts, I was clear after Arts i will opt for Bachelors in Business and then Masters however it took my family a few years to understand and accept. Gradually they understood and motivated me to do what i wish and after attaining a few years of Experience in Corporate i started my own firm into HRD & Consulting.

Ideapreneur India - Something about how you are raised ?

Neha Kala - Oh Yeah ! This is something very favourite of me as I am Youngest of my generation so I am till date treated like a “Kid”.. You would be astonished to hear I am still asked if I am at my mom's house and I am late for home ! On the Contrary note, i have been raised by a super strong family (Mother-Father & Elder Sister), i saw my sister supporting me all Good-Bad & even Ugly, protecting me, standing by my side and My mother had been a strict parent but it worked wonders on me, Dad is a super polite human, even if we are extremest of worn he will not utter a single word perhaps will look forward to cover and correct the wrongdoing by us(Me & Sister). I have been a super blessed one when it comes to Family and Friends and they all together raised me as I am in front of you all. 

Ideapreneur India - What is happiness for you ?

Neha Kala - Each one of us carries our own burden, few crib and few just carry it so the thin line you see between both the aspects is Happiness. I believe when you start seeing everything from a positive perspective you are Happy. I understood from my own life that Happiness lies and even Sadness does-not exist, it's all within us.

Ideapreneur India - What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career ?

Neha Kala - Whatever i was taught during my Scholar, Bachelors, Masters , Double Masters all have paid their contribution well. There was one thing which was not taught but is a super must in Professional life which is “Practicality”, we need to understand all from a Open and Practical vision in order to acquire Growth.  

Ideapreneur India - What is Nature of your Business ?

Neha Kala - Again a lengthy one though very meaningful for me as this gave me the purpose of my life. I initiated my company Conviction Consulting with HRD & Consulting/Training Management for Corporates in 2009, in 2013 started my NGO-We Welfare Society as i had been very active on Social Causes, in 2015 formed an award show The Humanity Excellence Awards & 2 of print Magazines in 2018 The Red Velvet Column and The Fact Teller, in 2019 National Summit on Holistic Sciences & Wellness Followed by Karmic Awards & A Networking Trail, in 2020 Know the Boss (Online Platform) & India’s Top Professionals (A Allure Coffee Table Book), During Pandemic we launched our PR Company Bud Your PR as well as Dial Ganesha(Online Platform for Holistic/Occult/Wellness People), Meanwhile we have done a Few shoots and Calendar Shoot too and we are eagerly planning our Next few Years now. 

Ideapreneur India - How has your domain changed from when you first started? 

Neha Kala - I always believed in doing something before it is done in my own unique style, I must admit there are many powerful Magazines, Online Portals to promote business, Award shows However there is no single entity who hold all under one single roof and this idea kicked me and i planned accordingly a-lot to be added though. 

Ideapreneur India -  Who are your main competitors? 

Neha Kala - I do-not take anyone as my Competitor, People from the same fraternity either give me Learning or a Lesson and I feel in abundance with both of them. Life gives you limits when you compete and too much when you Observe-Learn & Implement.

Ideapreneur India - How are you away from the competition & have many friends from the same business fraternity ?

Neha Kala - As i said above, i take all as teachers and not my competitors, i shy away from the fear of asking a question or advice from them and most of them act wise with me and i gain Learning and as bonus they become my Acquaintances. 

Ideapreneur India - How fast are you growing? 

Neha Kala - We are growing for sure, about fast or slow i really do-not know ! We as Team work with full Head and Heart on and the way we could add the projects i am sure we are growing with Peace and Harmony and that matters the most to me. 

Ideapreneur India - What’s unique about your Leadership?

Neha Kala - You must ask this to my team about it though, I must admit, me and my team shares the similar madness towards Growth, I am a Thinker in my team and they just DO what i instruct them to do and they having this faith in me boost my morale high to think about all the possible aspects before i give go ahead on any project. My Idea is always absorbed extremely well among them and that’s how we could do these many projects in such a span of time. In the Team we all are Leaders and It is very obvious without my team i feel Low.

Ideapreneur India - What skills as per you are needed to start a business?

Neha Kala - “Patience, Plan, Promise” 

PROMISE yourself that in No circumstances you will lose your PATIENCE and think of Quitting perhaps you will work on a better PLAN in the time to come.

Ideapreneur India - Advice for the Upcoming Entrepreneurs ?

Neha Kala - Do proper research before thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur and Please do not get into any kind of Race of being a successful entrepreneur. Have heart to accept that you will fail in a few of your projects and have the power to come back harder.

Ideapreneur India - What is your Strategy for Life and Work ?

Neha Kala - Learning throughout my Life is my Strategy.

Ideapreneur India - Are you all the same for all ?

Neha Kala - This is a super Itchy question ! I am the one with many sides and my side for you depends on the way I am treated.. You keep me in peace and get it though i will ignore quarrelsome and arguments to the core but will never hesitate to take stand for pride. 

Ideapreneur India - What is one thing you find to be true that most people would disagree with?

Neha Kala - “Business can be done without Money” I Disagree Strongly to it..

Ideapreneur India - Are your Sacrifices worth where you are at present ?

Neha Kala - Definitely yes, Until you won’t empty the glass you can’t refill and same applies here too you need to sacrifice a lot to be known for what you are.

Ideapreneur India - Would You call yourself successful in this space?

Neha Kala - “Being Successful” is a Big Big statement for me and i think i am yet to touch it though i am extremely at peace and harmony with my Projects/Team and Clients and this gives me KICK to work more.

Your Best Quote :- Do-not ever mix Cocktail(Success) with Mocktail (Pride).

From the Publisher, We thank Ms. Neha Kala (Hon'ble Dr) for sharing her vision with us, we must mention the lady in question has already won more than 300 Felicitations (Government/Semi Government/NGO and on Entrepreneurship)

Neha Kala

 Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Neha Kala - Click Here

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