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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Sudarshan Boosupalli, Meamo

Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Sudarshan Boosupalli, Meamo


Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Sudarshan Boosupalli, Meamo

Interviewed and Edited by : Khushi Agrawal

Meamo, founded by Sudarshan Boosupalli in 2020, serves all areas of Bengaluru. The product range includes poultry, goat and sheep, seafood and pet food which are free of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals.

Following the farm-to-fork model where the entire backend supply and cold storage is powered by technology, Meamo does not source the meat from third parties but processes it in its own facility.


briefly explain about the Meamo?

Meamo is a Bangalore based company and is the country’s first e-commerce company that is bringing back the traditional way of savouring meat and pioneering the Jhatka method. Founded in 2020 under the Dharmic Vibes Group, the brand currently serves all areas of Bangalore. It will soon start expanding to other cities in the country.

Meamo seeks to cater and nurture a community of discerning meat lovers who are looking to embrace traditional cruelty free meat processing techniques along with great taste and freshness. With focus on 100% Jhatka method of processing meat, we hope to encourage and cultivate a community that enjoys meat while ensuring that animals are spared of any unnecessary pain. The product range includes Poultry, Goat & Sheep, Seafood and Petfood. 

Sudarshan Boosupalli, Co-Founder, Meamo

(Pic: Sudarshan Boosupalli, Co-Founder, Meamo)

Is the company funded?

We have till date raised over half a million dollars in seed funding and have established a True Farm-to-Fork model with our own Abattoir, Processing Centers, Distributions Centers across Bangalore and an Efficient Supply Chain system servicing thousands of Customers. We are actively seeking funds for our next phase of growth and are in conversation with several interested investors right now.

How different from others?

We are the only Exclusive D2C Jhatka Meat Provider in the country. Meamo does not source the meat from third parties but processes it in a completely controlled state-of-the-art facility owned by us, following all authentic and scientific guidelines. Another secret behind the juicy and fresh meat we bring to our customers is that it is free of any antibiotic residue and has a hormone and chemical free policy. All poultry feeds are organic.

From the moment the meat is processed till it reaches your door, it is handled only by the Meamo team ensuring strict quality and hygiene control.

What are the future Plans?

Our current expansion plans involve establishing 5 more cities and start the    aggregator model in Tier 2 cities.  Our Unique Aggregator model will not only modernize thousands of Butchers in the Tier 2 cities across the country, but it will also provide employment opportunities to thousands without disrupting the ecosystem that exists in the Tier 2 cities.

How is the Meamo’s growth in the market?

Growth to us just doesn’t mean increase in Revenues. Providing a choice in the current Monopolistic market to the vast population is what we have set out to achieve. In achieving this we will be providing jobs and Entrepreneurial opportunities to thousands of people.

What was Meamo’s vision?

The consumer meat industry in India, has shown tremendous development in the last decade and is estimated at $ 94 billion. We have set out to carve out a significant Market share for Meamo, by providing the choice of Jhatka meat in the monopolistic market. Our Vision is to achieve the highest levels of Customer Experience and Employee empowerment, with this we will definitely be on the road to being the top companies in the country.

Who is your leadership team and what’s their background?  

1) We are a team with extensive experience in the IT and Food Tech Industry and from Premier Institutions.

2) Leaders & entrepreneurs who have had successful careers in Leading IT Organizations and establishing successful Startups.

How are you different from the competition?

We are fundamentally different from all other Organizations in this business as we only supply Jhatka Meat, a more humane way of rendering the animal/bird lifeless where the animal/bird is spared of any excess and unnecessary pain during slaughter.

Website - www.meamo.in

Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Sudarshan Boosupalli, Meamo Video

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