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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Why commit when it can’t be kept?

Jayapalashri Anil


Why commit when it can’t be kept?

Why commit when it can’t be kept? by a Mom, A Spiritual Guide, A professional in short “A Role Model”, Jayapalashri Anil. 

Commitment is something that can confuse some of us while it can also put some to think. There are some who would not give a second thought and just jump into commitment without wondering what to expect or how to move ahead. 

Nevertheless commitments become an important part of any kind of relationship be it 




Anything there is a level of commitment that needs to be established. When there is hesitation towards committing for anything then it’s worth evaluating the relationship and seeing if you wish to continue in it. Once the four pillars of interpersonal relationships skills are laid as a foundation. The next important step for all is Commitment. 

Though there are four pillars on which any relationship is built on. But for these pillars to be built also there has to be a commitment and also the excitement to work towards building the relationship and making it a strong one. 

Commitments can be of any degree and for anything from a mere luncheon with friends or acquaintances to more serious commitments of building a life together or a relationship. No matter how small or big the commitment is, one should know and also acknowledge that a commitment is a commitment given or accepted. Keeping in mind that there are certain expectations stemming from it. There can be various issues and reasons why a commitment can’t be met. 

No matter how big or small the excuse may be which has made you fail your commitment it clearly does show one thing for sure and that is the importance or priority of the other person for you. When a commitment is given the other person reciprocated by taking out time or planning something depending on the commitment. 

What is commitment? 

Commitment is when we commit for something, maybe for something as simple as a cup of tea or maybe something as big as marriage. The level of commitment may vary. 

What happens when a commitment is not met?

When a commitment is not met it’s easy to not trust the person again or take anything that’s being said at face value. As the trust has been shaken and also there is a question of whether they wish to take the one who has not kept the commitment seriously.  

In simple words if we have to understand commitment “it is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.” 

Commitment has to be taken keeping in mind certain criteria and also thoughts. 

1 Are you ready to commit to this? 

2 Do you have the time to take out this commitment?

3 In priority would you have the time to take out this commitment?

4 Is this an important commitment for you?

5 What kind of commitment is a commitment for you?

6 Are you always failing in keeping your commitments? 

Now comes the point  to understand and know where you stand after you ask yourself these questions. After which you can re-establish your thoughts on the commitments you are taking or giving. 

In this whole thing one important thing is done: we take time out to take out and have commitments for self-work and nurturing ourselves. 

How often do you take time to commit to yourself for something to be done for yourself?

If you do excellently keep it going, those of you who hardly look at yourself as an important priority to commit time for work on self it’s time to start rethinking and evaluating yourself. No matter how good or bad your life is, taking time out and pampering yourself is much needed and takes miles ahead with helping one build self-respect, confidence and love. 

Think before you commit to yourself or to others! 

1 It’s much needed to think before putting words out confirming or affirming a commitment. 

2 Check your calendar and avoid overlapping your commitments or taking them back to back, Eventually, you may have to back off one commitment. 

3 Choose your commitments wisely, nevertheless know that you are being watched and judged by the other person as you pick and choose. 

4 You can’t please the world so it’s okay to decline or avoid certain commitments especially if it needs too much of your time and energy. 

5 Set your priorities in order, keep a clear schedule and as you plan keep space for falters and delays and also have a contingency plan as a backup. 

6 Commitment and your acts clearly show your priorities and thinking process. So be mindful of how you go about it, don't be running about like there is no tomorrow. 

7 Committing and not turning up at the said time or avoiding the person going down noticed and also with a question mark of can I trust this person again? 

8 Having certain blocks and hiccups towards a commitment is common. The point is how equipped are you to keep a commitment? This is where the question of what kind of commitment is commitment to you comes up. 

9 Commitments can be reworked or changed only if two of them together are ready to work at putting things in place.

10 Once trust and respect is put on a spotlight then naturally the level of even believing in the commitment will drop down on the scale. 

There are no ifs and buts in a commitment; it's either a yes or a no. There is nothing to fear when the facts are out in the open.

It’s good to be frank and open incase there are some apprehensions about the commitment then failing or not turning up for it. 

The Spiritual Princess - JayaPalashri Anil

Founder - Samskara Healing

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