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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 A strong solution to funding A strong solution to funding A strong solution to funding 

Getting a business loan has become a big deal for many these days. People are enthusiastic to do business they have the courage too but the lack of money and support always comes as a hindrance. 

Luckily, we are living in a digital era where anything to everything is available online. But the problem is to know about it and grab the opportunity. 

About registered in MSME in year 2018. It is an ISO-certified company. Although it has been providing services since 2017. From the year 2018 to date, it has delivered more than 3,300 project reports all over India successfully. Even the company helped NRIs to get settled in India with profit-oriented businesses.  Mr. Satyam and his team are eagerly helping people beyond the limitations with the project reports and the required assistance to start- up their businesses and mark their presence in the market over time. 

The website had unique and result-oriented prepositions and also because of its infrastructure of professional chartered accountants, company secretaries, and other industry experts from their fields. 

Whatever project reports are made via the website strictly stick to the guidelines by RBI for all the diversified schemes like mudra loan, PMEGME, MSME, CGETMSE, etc. This enhances the speedy delivery of getting a loan sanctioned quickly. Even the constant supporting hand is behind the client of for the project report by validity period maintenance till the party receives the loan functionally. They provide active phonic consultation for loan-related issues too. 

Meet the Founder Mr. Satyam Kirti 

Mr. Satyam Kirti the founder of has come up with an innovative solution for the funding issue of new business. Mr. Satyam Kirti is the Founder of- and He is also a business coach, and the author of two books one is a storybook (कर्नल की बेटी) and the second one is हिन्दी कविता सिंग्र ( सरतों के मोती). 

Apart from this he owns two YouTube channel as well namely Satyam kirti business ideas and Franchise door .  He has trained Hundreds of new startups and existing business owners and has helped them in becoming profitable. Hundreds of People have started their businesses and become successful under the guidance of Mr. Kirti. 

He is digital marketer and analytics (IIM Kashipur), company secretary (professional level), (corporate affairs and administration), B.A. He is trained in the MSME sector with the Ministry of small micro and medium enterprises gov. of India.  He has created a platform where one can get all the information on business loans and documents under a single roof. The platform is which provides this solution. 

How works? 

The journey started at the end of the year 2017 when Mr. Satyam Kirti started his first YouTube channel named, "Satyam Kirti business ideas”. Currently, he has another channel as well namely “Franchise door”. He initiated the YouTube channel to help the new budding entrepreneur. After having interaction with a number of people over time he found that there is a gap in the market that can be mentioned as:- 

● People are unable to start business due to a lack of funding. 

● They don’t know about subsidy. 

● They Don't know the schemes of the Indian Government. 

● They don't know from where the major document "project report" can be made, which is required for the application. 

● It is because people hesitate to contact any chartered accountant or any other professional for such a report directly. 

Now all the mentioned gap has been filled by effective quick processing via the website  This is the e-commerce website from where anyone can get the project report downloaded if it is present over there. If they found the report as per their need they can move to the “contact us “page and get their customized report made with flexibility as per their need “. 

Why choose 

The benefits of using the services of the website can be evaluated in conditions as there are 90% of loan applications get rejected due to incomplete &, wrong project reports or duplication of project reports, outdated project reports, made by unqualified people, etc.  Here with the authentic project report dominates the ill-functioning of the system as per the standard required for the fruitful result. All project reports are made by qualified chartered accountants and company secretaries. 


The company has become an active section of the fast-growing financing industry . with the online platform of the company has reached to the people from Tamil Nādu, Manipur, Mumbai, Bihar, M.P, to Gujrat , delhi, and other parts of the country.  The company is on quick transformation with the future goals to bring franchises all over India with more services apart from project reports, Income tax returns, and MSME registration reflects the bright phase of the Indian economy. 

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