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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Things you need to know to take good care of hair this Diwali by Hairsmith

Things you need to know to take good care of hair this Diwali by Hairsmith

Things you need to know to take good care of hair this Diwali by Hairsmith

This Diwali, when you enjoy the night with the brightest mood and enthusiastic heart, save your hair from the pollution caused by the firecrackers and all that smoke. The only drawback of this wonderful festival is the huge level of pollution afterward that causes many skin and hair problems. However, sacrificing all those happy moments just to save your hair from damage doesn’t seem appealing enough. Prepare yourself for a great deal without hesitation. Get a solution to manage everything so you don’t have to skip any happiness. 

With The Hairsmith Clinic, get the one-stop solution for all your hair problems and get ready for a wonderful Diwali. The clinic is known for solving all the hair problems like Hairfall, Hair Thinning or Diffuse Hairloss, Hairloss or male pattern baldness, Hair Regrowth Treatments like PRP Therapy (platelet-rich plasma), Meso Therapy , Hair Transplant procedures, BHT (body hair transplant), Beard Reshaping, Eyebrow Transplant, Transplant on Injury Scar, Burn Scar and much more most professionally and effectively. The clinic was started by Dr. Ankit Sharma, a medical professional with over 10 years of experience with his team of the best doctors and skilled technicians with over 18+ years of experience in hair transplants only. The clinic is quite famous for providing the best hair treatments which are genuinely effective with cutting edge technology and the best highly advanced technical support systems. The treatments are scarless and non-invasive, which is an essential factor loved by the customers. They guarantee the results without any side effects. 

As for Hair care, The Hairsmith Clinic has emphasized different hair problems and their solutions making it the one-stop solution for every inconvenience concerning hairloss, hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, and many more. 

For better growth and maintenance, detox your hair. 

For the best hair care, the clinic advises customers to start detoxing their hair from time to time. You can either do it through hair remedies like applying lemon and cucumber mask, aloe vera and baking soda mixture, shikakai paste, cinnamon sticks which are anti-fungal and help the hair roots to get stronger and fights against any kind of fungal infections, applying aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules make a hair mask for the better growth of hair and making it shinier and smoother. These are ways you can detox your hair and visible differences can be noticed soon. You can also ask for any medicines prescribed by the doctors. 

Why should you detox your hair? 

When we oil our hair or simply get it out to the market, the amount of pollution and dust that gathers up in the roots of our hair, creates a layer of ill substances which results in Hairfall , Hair thinning, Baldness , and other problems if proper care is not taken. This layer prevents the products like shampoo, oil, serum, mask, etc to reach the roots for nourishment and creates a barrier to the growth of hair. 

This layer is removed by detoxing your hair and enhances the nourishment of the roots. All the hair care products we use afterward are effective and work well to nourish and solve all hair-related problems and enhance the regrowth of hair. The process of detoxing must be regular for it to be effective and show good results. Once a week is enough for good detoxing of hair which will make it shinier, smoother, and healthier. 

Tips for preventing hair loss 

• Use a mild and gentle shampoo which are SLS Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) 

• Stay away from harsh sunlight or use a cap to stay away from damage 

• Nutritious diet plan is important. (Should consist of Yoghurt, pulses, eggs, fish, milk on a regular basis, nuts, green leafy vegetables) 

• Check the signs and causes of hairloss 

• Manage your stress levels because stress is not good for your hair 

• Brush your hair gently (use wood brush and never comb when the hair is wet) 

• Get a vitamin profile checked and take supplements if something deficient. 

• Avoid the usage of too much heat equipment on hair and products which might cause damage. 

• Seek professional help when necessary. 

Take care of your hair because good hair makes you confident and is the basis of a good first impression. Also try to maintain good health of your hair and stay ready for the huge festival of Diwali. Do not forget to detox your hair regularly! 

Happy Diwali 



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