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Thursday, February 23, 2023

An exclusive interview with Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG App

An exclusive interview with Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG App

BabyG is an early development app that helps parents to boost their baby's growth right from birth till 3 years of age. The inbuilt baby development tracker keeps track of the child’s milestones and activities.

With BabyG, parents can support their baby’s development using thousands of Development Activities, created with child experts. The app also provides growth Milestone Reports, Meal Plans & Recipes, Daily Trackers, Bedtime Stories, and a global community of parents where they can learn & share experiences with each other.

The team consist of parents, technology creators, business professionals and child experts - all of whom share a passion for smart parenting. The BabyG program is rooted in baby science and research, tempered with parental experience. 

The one-stop app for the development of your little one is a much-needed aid to counter the fast-paced lifestyle and rapidly evolving world today. The team at BabyG is dedicated to curating science-based activities to boost babies' growth early on, with no screentime involved, ensuring the overall development of a child. The app provides many additional features including the option of chat consultations with experts to help parents understand and better assess their baby’s needs.

Since its launch in August 2021, the app has organically garnered 200K+ users across the world, thanks to the chain of referrals from moms.

BabyG has recently been awarded as the Best Hidden Gems App of 2022 by Google Play, in India. This announcement was made as a part of ‘Best Apps of 2022’ – Google’s annual awards to recognize the best apps and games on the Play store and the developers who bring them to life.

An exclusive interview with Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG App
(Pic-Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG)

About - Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG:

The founder of BabyG, Birma Ram is the proud father of a 3-year-young baby girl. An IIM graduate with over 10 years of experience, Birma began to understand the gap in the market pertaining to development apps as he became a father himself. He believes that as a parent, one should work towards understanding their child and focus on being a part of the baby’s world as much as possible.

Birma has previously held the role of Country Manager at Wave Browser App and held product management roles at and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

An exclusive interview with Birma Ram, Founder, BabyG App

1. When was the company founded and how many employees do you have in your startup?

We founded BabyG App in Aug 2020, and launched the app in Aug’21. Currently, we are a team of 15 professionals. Additionally, there’s a board of medical advisors of 10 child experts.

2. How did you get an idea to start this venture? What was your Eureka moment?

When I became a parent, I was searching for methods to help my child's growth in every way possible. Google has lots of information but no action plan, and previous parenting applications focused on parents assisting parents with health and diaper concerns. I couldn't stop thinking about how neglected the early development phase is in India, especially when we all want to give our babies the best start possible - we send them to hobby classes, coding classes, and so on - but we don't take advantage of the Golden Period of the first 1000 days when brain formation occurs.  To understand the gravity of the situation, we set up an experiment with parents and asked them to undertake developmentally appropriate activities with their newborns, and they were blank. Phones appeared rapidly, and nothing occurred when we prevented them from using them. It was a sobering lesson of how powerless we are as parents to raise interested children! That's when we decided to create a one of-a-kind development-oriented environment called BabyG!

3. Is the company funded? If not, any plans in the pipeline?

Yes, we raised a pre-seed round of 1.4 Cr in Jan 2022.

4. Can you tell us a brief about your startup and the business?

At BabyG, we support parents to boost their baby’s development in the first 3 years through an expert-designed baby development program. Along with development, we also support parents with baby’s nutrition, daily logs, bedtime stories, parenting tips and community of like-minded parents. Parents can download the app for free and try out the program. To get unlimited access to the program, they can subscribe to premium plans available inside the app.

5. What is the USP of your startup?

There are multiple sources available to parents for information like google search, youtube, whatsapp groups, etc. but it consumes a ton of time and gives only ‘information’. Whereas, millennial parents need an easy-to-execute program that is based on science, is coming through child experts, and is available on demand. That’s why BabyG is loved so much by parents!

6. Tell us in detail about your development tracker and activities?

With each month, babies learn new skills and behaviors which are mapped as “Monthly Milestones” across physical, cognitive, speech, and socio-emotional areas of development. Parents can check instantly which milestones their baby is completing and how other babies of the same age are doing against those milestones through our proprietary Development (Milestone) Tracker and Reports.

Our 1000+ development activities are aligned to the milestones and provide stimulation in 50+ areas across physical, cognitive, speech, and socio-emotional development. Everyday, parents get a new set of easy-to-do activities that they can perform with their babies, mostly without buying anything new, in just 15 mins everyday. Our playful activities are explained through animation videos for parents to understand how to carry them out and also detail out the frequency and benefits. 

7. What is the future plan in the next 3 years?

We aim to create a wholesome ecosystem for young parents and babies, starting from the moment parents plan for babies till the point the baby reaches 5 years. We are in the middle of the journey and want to complete the ecosystem in the next 3 years. In addition, we will expand to multiple countries in the coming years and offer BabyG in multiple languages.

8. You have recently been awarded by Google Play as the Best Hidden Gems App of 2022. What do you think made this happen?

We had been working closely with our users to improve the product for the past 1 year. Understanding what they need, keeping our user experience very simple and growing organically are few things we feel might have helped us.

9. How different are you from your competitors in the market?

We are on a mission to create a Gold-Standard when it comes to baby development and parenting programs, with an ecosystem approach so that parents can get everything they need, packed in a global user experience. Our desire to create a product for the global market with a simple user experience is our key differentiator as it will reflect in everything we do at BabyG!

10. What’s your revenue? How fast are you growing?

For the first year, we focussed on product only. We believe in product lead growth, which is what we achieved in the last 1 year. We launched the app in Aug’21 and crossed 200K install mark around Aug’22, powered by user love. We have introduced our premium subscription this year and will focus on growing revenue without disturbing the user experience. We will keep you posted on revenue once our subscription iterations are complete. We plan to breakeven in 2023, that will be the goal.

11. What is your background? Share names and backgrounds of the co-founders as well?

The BabyG founding team has 30+ years of combined experience in Tech Products, Content Production, and Relationships with Medical Fraternity. But more importantly, we have experienced the parenting challenges firsthand in various ways, right from conception challenges to raising amazing babies, we have felt the need of BabyG first-hand.

Birma Ram - CEO, Co-founder: I am a father of a 3-year young curious girl and lead product development at BabyG. I did B.E from MBM Jodhpur and completed MBA from IIM Ranchi. For over a decade, I have been building tech products for companies like Kotak, Shortlist, and Wave Browser and now for BabyG. 

Apoorva Mulani - Relationship Head, Co-founder: Apoorva is a mother to an 11-year happy boy. She leads the relationships with child experts and liaises for the program development. She is a veteran HR with valuable experience on the hospital side while working with Hinduja group in leadership positions. 

Priyanka Zaveri - CMO, Co-founder: Priyanka leads our content styling, production and marketing. She has over a decade of experience in ads production for brands like Vodafone, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. 

12. What is your new subscription model?

It’s a freemium model. Parents can try the premium version of BabyG app for free during the first 7 days and after, they can either subscribe to the Premium version or continue on the free version with limited access to premium content like unlimited Activities, Development Reports, Daily Meal Plans, Recipes and more. Parents can go for Yearly, 6 Monthly or Monthly subscriptions, as per the age of their baby. 

13. Any future plans?

We are working on something exciting to entertain those tiny minds without screen time. Also, our US app version is coming out soon as we are working closely with experts in the US right now. Stay tuned.

Download the app here:





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