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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing 

Now as this saying goes “You can't connect the dot's looking forward you can only connect them looking backward, So, you will have to trust the dots will connect in future.” Steve Jobs. You can now see the scope or even feel it withing diving in to discover the hidden mysteries.

From banners to big data, digital marketing has continuously adapted to meet the needs of customers and brands alike. AI is quickly becoming dominant in the business industry. Already it is taking over many simple jobs (communication, product recommendations, email personalisation, just to name a few), and it will continue to in the near future.Today, with increased connectivity and established digital infrastructure, changes are happening much faster.1 The traditional digital marketing landscape of paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, community management, and more, are experiencing dramatic developments and changes as innovations in technology develop.The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom. And many organizations are cautiously optimistic about the future. In light of all the craziness, we thought we’d put together our predictions for the coming year in digital marketing trends. Having spent most of 2020 right in the thick of it, helping clients in industries like law, education, and healthcare navigate these turbulent times, we’ve got some ideas about the direction things will take in a few key areas of marketing.The way we speak is fundamentally different to the way we type, and the ease of simply asking a question explains why “72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say that their devices are often used as part of their daily routine.”7 As the popularity of the technology rises, it is likely this number will increase, and the idea of a permanent, hands-free assistant will begin to feel like second nature.

Digital Marketing is a vast ocean which has immense opportunities. Once with Digital Marketing, you can stay assured for next Two Decades your career is secured. And as you keep growing and changing the knowledge bank your life will never face the volatility other’s face. It’s such a part of today’s marketing which can not be avoided or overlooked even by small ventures, leave alone mid-scale or more significant organizations.

The greatest thing for the eventual fate of computerized advertising is reconciliation of informal communities. We are as of now considering it to be administrations, for example, hootsuite. Enabling you to post, tweet, fold, and so forth over numerous systems just as planning those messages. Be that as it may, consider it a bigger scope. Google and Bing as of now have with incorporating interpersonal organizations into their web indexes. Permitting you to +1 or see what your companions are looking on facebook. The hunt goliaths take these outcomes and structure information. Which brings me into my second point DATA. I have an affection/abhor relationship with DATA. I love all the data that I can get about a client and tailor advertisements explicitly for them. Which would be quite sweet!

Future of Digital Marketing

The year 2020 has a lot of marketers scrambling to keep up. It’s a year like no other, really, with current events dramatically shaping digital marketing trends. Unless you’ve been living under a rock—or Norway, maybe—this laundry list should sound familiar: socio-political turmoil, including mass protests, violent street clashes, and an upcoming election; a cooling U.S. economy; destructive wildfires and unpredictable weather phenomena; and of course, our old, pugnacious nemesis, COVID-19.

However, this industry saw some challenges in previous years as brands struggled to find the right people to promote their image and message. Today, AI is working to solve these problems by making influencer marketing a largely automated process. AI is able to perform an influencer-brand affinity analysis by sifting through millions of images in seconds to select particular influencers based on specified characteristics. Once an influencer has posted or shared content, AI is able to analyse the data of the post to determine how well the post was received, and how well the influencer and brand match.

Video content is gaining traction as an increasingly popular form of content. With live video, stories, and Instagram TV, more and more businesses are using video as a digital marketing tool. Some marketers are going above and beyond and creating personalised video messaging as opposed to email or phone calls,14 which may prove to be a promising new way to engage customers.The digital marketing industry is a highly growing one in the entire world. It has really burgeoned in the last few years to a greater extent. And why not!.The Internet surely has brought more and more people closer to each other and even the businesses these days.The benefits that this industry has provided to the many businesses belonging to the various industries and sectors out there are numerous.And not only that, this field has also benefited the needy aspirants who always wanted to pursue a job of their choice, that would meet their creativity needs and help them earn lucrative sums of money through the same.

When speaking of the future scopes for Digital Marketing, there are a lot of things that we need to consider. The growing impact of voice-based search and artificial intelligence coming in very rapidly in our life. Tools like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Google Instant is fighting with many others. They are now a part of our lives. People might forget typing in coming future. We might use the Google voice and any other similar system even to write stories & books. Considering these changes are happening and increasing pressure coming on search-based ecosystem we are going to see a lot of difference in digital marketing as well.The point is, the time is now for marketers to closely scrutinize their goals, performance metrics, and KPIs. To survive and thrive again, marketers must be nimble and adapt new strategies quickly and precisely. As we’ve seen with our own client portfolio at Cardinal, those brands, businesses, and people that can find a way to be flexible in the face of adversity will be best positioned to stick around, grind it out, and begin looking forward to 2021.

Web advertising industry is worth in billions! Likewise, as per eMarketer, in 2020 alone promoting by means of cell phones rose 800 %, unequivocally around 6 Billion USD. Consequently, when every other industry are battling with a development pace of only 5 % to 10 %, web promoting industry is blasting high with 80% development rate. In any case, the most exceptional point is that this development rate won't be stale in the coming years. With some striking highlights like cost-adequacy, adaptability, moment reaction, accommodation and viability, Digital Marketing is having a solid effect in the field of promoting and publicizing.

Now, let us consider a few stats that would explain to us what we see as the future of Internet marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing - As told before this is the jungle of buyer and nonbuyer people in Billions across the world. You need to have the capabilities to tap into the source of real buyers from such a jungle and get the profit rolling. To achieve it segmenting buyers with correct #hashtag marketing to proper and planned Social Pay Per Click Advertisements is very important.

2. According to the TRAI reports, India’s smartphone user base is slated to grow by over 442 million by 2022.

3. India’s digital advertising industry is again estimated to cross over 19000 Crore INR by 2020 according to a report by the Dentsu Aegis Network.

4. Approx. 700 million of the population of India is projected to go online and be a part of the huge Internet use base bandwagon by 2023.

5. Approx. 700 million of the population of India is projected to go online and be a part of the huge Internet use base bandwagon by 2023.

6. India’s digital advertising industry is again estimated to cross over 19000 Crore INR by 2020 according to a report by the Dentsu Aegis Network.

7. And talking about jobs, approx.. 65 million digital marketing jobs are expected to pave their way into the popular job portals by 2025.

8. Apart from these stats, it is also important to note that digitalization has grappled the entire world and so the future of marketing is also going to be digital, which it already has begun.

9. According to the different popular online job portals, Internet marketing jobs are certainly one of the most in-demand ones with many businesses and companies, actually realizing the true potential of Internet marketing for their own benefit and growth.

10. According to the TRAI reports, India’s smartphone user base is slated to grow by over 442 million by 2022.

11. And talking about jobs, approx.. 65 million Internet marketing jobs are expected to pave their way into the popular job portals by 2025.

12. India’s e-commerce industry is estimated to cross over the US $ 150 billion by 2022, as per reports.

13. India’s e-commerce industry is estimated to cross over the US $ 150 billion by 2022, as per reports.

Subtleties Related to Scope of Digital Marketing in 2020 and Beyond in India

• In December 2016, the amount of web customers in India was at 432 million.

• By 2017 the amount of compact web customers in India has shown up at 420 million.

• In the cash related year, 2016–17 computerized advancing in India has gone to the $1 billion engravings.

• Digital elevating is presumably going to create at an ordinary of 14% consistently.

• The greatest bit of the total timely notification spends is made by the request and show promotion.

• The customers of the new age used to check their smart contraptions each 9.6 minutes or each multiple times every day.

• By June 2017, the amount of versatile web customers in India has extended around 420 million.

• As cutting edge change will happen the numbers will get duplicated by 2022 and it is assessed to show up at 829 million.

• This number is growing at an exciting rate as there is about 38% of passage in India.

• Digital organizations are gotten to practically 220 million customers through their phones.

• Digital media is required to grow up to 24% by 2020 which by and by stays around 12% of the general ad share.

• The improvement of India's advanced advancing industry is at 33.5%.

• Digital medium seeing the benefits of precise/altered concentrating on.

• The rising mobile phone penetration is predicted to grow up by 800 million all through the accompanying half-decade.

• In India, the progressed elevating has gone to the $1 billion engravings before the completion of the budgetary year 2016–17.

• The central factor is a move from man-made to advanced mediums.

• The improvement in cutting edge publicizing is most likely going to be at a typical of 14 percent consistently.

• The all in all notice segment of advanced media remains around 12 percent and it is depended upon to grow up to 24 percent by 2020.

• Till December 2016 the amount of web customers in India was at 432 million.

• The upsurge in the apply self-sufficiency and advanced thinking.

• And there are various factors fit as well.

• The estimation of the computerized advancing industry will outperform the INR 225 billion stamps by 2020.

• There are 220 Million customers who are getting to cutting edge organizations through their mobile phones.

• By 2020, in India, propelled Industry will make more than 20 lakhs work.

• The greatest part of the full scale propelled promotion spends is the interest and show bearings.

• The quantity of customers in India is creating at a fast pace at 38%.

• Customers of the new age check their splendid devices each 9.6 minutes.

• The quantity of compact web customers by 2021 in India is assessed to show up at 829 million.

 Let’s keep some guideline of work type:

1. Search Engine Optimization - As a Search Engine Optimizer the main function for you is to bring your organization up in all mostly checked search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo adding to the list Soon DuckDuckGo. Here your job would start with understanding how to get the best usage of analysis tools. Find and solve the problems hidden inside your website. Get your competitor analyzed to find the secret recipe they are using. Find the best keywords and target your optimization for them. Find all the way’s useful to get featured in Search Engines and reach a maximum number of people and target customer.

2. Digital Marketing - Bring a Comprehensive digital optimization for a brand. Starting from SEO, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Marketing to Website Correction and Email Marketing Planning build a plan that has very fewer chances to fail and has better options to keep your company before the prospective buyers.

3. Online Marketing - It explains a lot, starting from the online branding to paid marketing you check and manage most of them either work as a team member and manage a single strand of the large online marketing function or manage the function with many others.

4. Email Marketing - It starts not by buying email addresses, it starts with content marketing, you don’t even understand that. Now ask why? It’s because how you get a viable lead or subscriber for your Email Marketing campaigns? It’s only by building interactive and useful content that not only expresses what you do but also answers a lot of question that many ask and solves them as well. Now once you are done with building a viable system to capture the lead, start sourcing platforms and people who have built the same for years and now ready to let you use their Email Database, talk and negotiate with them and bring a result oriented Email Marketing Campaign.

5. Content Writing - The heart and Soul of today’s digital marketing and will be the main driver for future digital marketing as well. Now, what does it executes? It’s not just writing any content; it's about solving queries, this is the reason people surf the web and comes, if you can solve the queries and bring the solution for others, they will buy the solution you want to provide. Write enriching and creative content with the strong technical overview. It keeps the readers engaged and signed up with you, opening the doors of unlimited income.

6. Lead Generation and Conversion - Lead Generation is a term that in itself qualifies the above functions and beyond that the following functions. The subscribers may not be the lead, but converting them into super-rich materials to be your buyer is lead generation.

7. Pay Per Click - As you are in business or entering the business the first and foremost thing you look for is the sale of the service or product. This is what business is. And it comes from those places where the presence of buyers are there. You can get it on Search Engines and Social Media sites and many other highly visited websites. They all either offer their own paid advertisement in many formats or carries other’s advertisement systems to push the add on their website’s. It is PPC which let you stay in the hunt from the day one helping to get clients in the beginning and minimize expenses in the longer duration taking off the load from optimizing in hundreds and thousands of keywords. If you are managing it well, then you will be the leader.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

1. Be the best social engine for your brand:

Every brand or business needs a strategy to work in social media, don't just work as a social marketer instead think and connect with the mass buyers in many new ways to your brand using the power of social media. Use your intelligence to change perception and remove negative influence for your brand. Build an extended lasting and sustainable plan that can be executed year after year bringing many positive leads.

2. Be an Influencer:

As we work to reach out to people, we must remember if we want to be consistent source information, knowledge, entertainment of any other thing, we have to convert our identity from just a digital marketer to an influencer. Growing your digital presence with your brand's digital presence build a cocktail that leads to making trust on you and your brand.

3. Be the thought leader:

Be the thinking brain of your business machine. Don't restrict your task to only digital marketing go beyond connecting with real customers, buyers. Try to understand the pain points to bring out new and innovative marketing approach through digital channels to increase sales and ROI.

4. Be the New Age Product Marketeer:

As a new age product marketer, you not only work to promote a brand or product, where your role is to find those customers who are going to be your buyer even after many years. So, the target is to be a person who can generate interest and maintain that for decades. As the digital growth is making user more knowledgeable buyer, you need to complete their hunger by becoming the source of knowledge.

5. Be the Master in Analyzing and Paid Advertisement delivery:

How can any business survive without paid advertisement and the analysis of the traffic for your website? It's no more possible. So, here comes the need of professionals who not only understand how to analyze and what to analyze when your site or any other asset is concerned. How to correlate the same data with the paid advertisement, Re-marketing or Programmatic, whatever add you might be using. Ultimately all are monitored by a digital marketing professional. Here comes the need to hire Masters of the trade to bring the best result for any business and that is possible if you build the strength and tune the skills in such way that results can come in only positive side.

Here is a list of all possible Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing that you could take up depending upon your own interest levels.

An entrepreneur with your own digital marketing company or agency


Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Growth hacker


Web analyst

Online Reputation Management

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Email Marketing

Brand Manager

Channels Manager, etc.

The Scope of working increases because many things are covered in Digital Marketing, and they are:

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Online Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Writing

Lead Generation and Conversion

Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Social Media Marketing

Paid Social

Video Marketing

Email Marketing

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