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Saturday, January 23, 2021

“She thought & she Believed" is the simplest story of Neha Kala

Neha Kala

Most renowed Women entrepreneur Neha Kala

“She thought & she Believed" is the simplest story of Neha Kala….

“Leadership is not about wielding authority, it's about empowering people '' this quote by becky brodin, sums up the Life and times of Neha Kala Perfectly well.

The one who is loaded herself with loads of responsibilities is seen Calm always and the secret is her thought, Ms. Kala believes in having Peace and says, “When your mind is at peace you can even Decide well to deal with a Storm”

Neha Kala

Neha, has always believed that working at the grass root level is what gives you a bigger picture of the world. You can’t simply see the top unless you are at the base, this has made her peoples

person, being able to connect with all and has given her a beautiful way to analyse situations that is not possible for everyone, her perspective of situations is so different than what anyone could come across, this is one of the reasons for her grand success in life!!

There is something amazing about learning by doing things and that is “learning on the job” and that is what Neha has been focusing on doing. She is always willing on taking up challenging projects that require her full attention, she uses her inner creativity and wisdom to create opportunities that were not even existing earlier.

Born and brought up in Delhi, with an MBA education from IMT, Neha has had an illustrious career having worked with some of the best of brands, and corporate leaders through her Conviction Consulting, responsible for providing staffing, recruiting and Training services! Working with these corporate leaders has given her the necessary life lessons to understand the corporate and business world and her consultancy services come highly recommended !!

It’s very rare to come across someone so young who is involved in Humanitarian  activities, but the very versatile Neha, manages to contribute to make the world a better place.. through her “We Welfare Society” which is focused on caring for children and the elderly,  she has received huge accolades for the fantastic work she has been    doing through her NGO-We Welfare Society, and at the same time impacting the lives of those connected to her NGO!!

Neha Kala

Founder and Editor of the The Red Velvet Column (A Magazine on Luxury & Lifestyle)  and The Fact Teller (A Magazine on Holistic-Occult and Wellness), Neha holds an illustrious past and so as future. Whosoever said that print or magazines were going dead had to think again. Print very much stays relevant in today’s world. There is something special about holding a magazine in your hand and smelling the pages. You cannot  get the depths and the colours that you would find in a magazine on your mobile phone or your E-Paper and with this in mind, Neha who is a dynamic, firebrand and charismatic leader plunged herself in the print and publishing industry. Providing beautiful content that was lacking in today’s over crowded market, she launched two very inspiring magazines, The Red Velvet Column, with a focus on Lifestyle-Luxury and focuses on Grandeur and The Fact Teller with a focus on Holistic, Occult & Wellness. This example by itself can show you the power within Neha Kala, who is ready to shake up the print and publishing industry!! 

People are always amazed at the dexterity at which she handles her life and the  situations there in, one minute she could be determining the nominees for her “The Humanity Excellence Awards” the next she could be finalising content for the next    issue of her magazine, a workaholic by nature, she is always on her toes, trying to make the most out of her day, being a huge source of inspiration for people around her and her staff!! Neha has taken it on herself to appreciate, acknowledge, felicitate and reward all those who like her are working towards the betterment of the society and her “The Humanity Excellence Award “ is  a grand testament to the same.. held yearly these award are given to those human beings, who have worked for the benefit of mankind,  these awards are among the few in our country that appreciate those who do real good work!!! And Neha has taken it upon herself that such contributors for our society are appreciated and given due respect that they deserve!!

Besides this all, she has founded and is successfully running Know The Boss by Neha Kala, Which is a web series, India’s Top Professionals, which is an allure “Coffee Table Book”. 

Where the majority of the people considered 2020 to be an EVIL YEAR Neha, could make the best of it. The Lady launched her PR FIRM “Bud Your PR” and started working on “Dial Ganesha”, which shall be disclosed soon in the Market. 

I know you are wondering how does she manage to get time to do so many things, i must add that in 4 Years she could win 400+ Felicitations/Awards from Private/Government or Semi Government bodies. Neha has always believed that time has to be created, we all get the required 24 hours in a day but it's how you decide to use these 24 hours matters the most !!! There is so much to learn from Neha!!

So this sums up the Enigma that is Neha Kala, Humble, Charismatic, Passionate, with a strong determination to do something in life and make a huge change in today's society and at the same time impact the world and make it a better place. I would like to leave you with quote by Albert Einstein, which sums up Neha Kala in a few words- “Strive not be  a success, but to be of value”’  

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