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Friday, April 2, 2021

Bhushan Pungliya – Young entrepreneur with big dreams

Varlyq Technologies Private Limited

Bhushan Pungliya – Young entrepreneur with big dreams

Bhushan Pungliya is the founder of Varlyq Technologies Private Limited. Varlyq technologies develop and design software with a special focus on UI/UX designing. Their biggest strength is competency in the development part and physical presence in India (where 65% of the population spends more than 60 minutes a day on mobile devices!). This means they can under-promise and over-deliver.

Varlyq Technologies Private Limited

Bhushan’s journey started when he got admission to an engineering college. He always gets involved in extracurricular activities. So, when he gets to know that his college has an entrepreneurship cell in it. He joined it. He started attending all the events. Did the work as a member. He participated in kho-kho, in the annual fest, become a volunteer in the hackathon, and just joined wherever he could. It grew his network. From faculties to students, seniors to junior, everyone knew him. Then, he became the co-leader of the E-cell. He founded his campus company on a college campus. He used to sell binded copies. He used to go in classes, reached out to faculties, and collected the pages that they were not going to use. He binded all these pages, created copies, and sold these to his campus company. He had a small store for this. And he needed to pay rent to college for using the store. This happened at a very small level yet it was amazing. He learned many things from this. One of them is that “It is important to take fewer priority things off your plate so that you can focus on high-priority tasks”.

“You need to understand your business, work very well. You need to understand your responsibilities.”

He also used to do internships. It helped him learn a new type of things. Work culture, etiquettes, networking is some of them. He used to say, “talk with people, listen to them and you will learn something new. It always works.”

While all this was happening, He was also doing the freelancing. He started it in 2019. His friend’s group was looking for someone to help them out with their minor project. He saw an opportunity there. He told them that he can help them out and they agreed to pay him 1000 RS for this. But the problem was he didn’t know how to code the backend. So, he reached out to one of his friends. He was one of the best coders in his college. The friend agreed to help him. So, they worked on this project and it was completed so well that he got another one from their reference. After this project, he talked with his coder friend that maybe they can work together. He’ll find projects and you can help me out with the coding part and they can divide the share. That’s when his actual journey started. They worked and learned. Bhushan used to meet people and tried to convince them that if they have any project for him, he would love to help. He joined groups on WhatsApp and telegram and build contacts from there.

After a certain time, his friend told him that he won’t be able to continue this.

“Plan a dream and start working towards it. When you face obstacles, pivot, and then again start working towards them.”

This was a hurdle that he faced.

In desperation, he contacted many people to be his freelancing CTO. But, he only got a no. So, he decided to do everything on his own.

“We always have choices. We are just scared to make those choices.”

After a few months, he got placed in Zensar. He worked as a project trainee for 3 months and then he resigned. He was so indulged in his freelancing that he couldn’t focus on the job. He took a month, thought about everything, and took a decision. He loved his work, there was no day or night for him. And then he decided to do a startup.

“It is important to find your ‘power hour’ – the time of the day (or night) when you are most productive & alert.”

When he started Varlyq, everything was high-priority work for him. There was no productive hour. Every day, every time he ended up doing the work that stagnated his company’s growth. He suffered monetary loss, lived a stressful life. This wasn’t the end, very crucial learning that he got is to identify ‘power hour’ – when time is less and output is maximum. To every night he sleeps, he says to his unconscious mind – tomorrow we have to get this project done & and we don’t have resources for that, we have to find out a solution. This thought keeps rolling in his mind, next morning, he wakes up with a clear vision that he only has to make the right choices.

Founding a company at an early age, taught him many lessons. One important lesson is that, avoid middlemen, have team, best team. Keeping the best people around you will give you the feeling that you are not alone, seeing your team smile will give you an adrenal rush that possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.

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