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Thursday, April 15, 2021 India’s first global platform (marketplace) for coaches.

Setmycoach India’s first global platform (marketplace) for coaches. 


Founder: Anirvan Chakravarty

Someone has rightly said “Life is full of struggles!” or to put it in a different way that ‘There is always a struggle at every stage of our life’! And how true it is! The Founder of too experienced it firsthand starting from his growing up years in college to his journey into the corporate world. The struggles were always there both at the personal level and at professional level. So many conflicts to resolve along with his dreams and goals to achieve! At that point of time and during those tough times, he wished he had someone who could guide him or at least show him the way that he could reach to his destination. 

Anirvan Chakravarty is the CEO & Founder of, a Mumbai based startup which is India’s first global platform (marketplace) for coaches. 

Anirvan with IAA trophy

Pic: Anirvan with IAA trophy

Well, years later he is trying to address the same issue through his startup so that people like him who want to develop and grow can get some professional help in this regard. His startup addresses this issue by creating a platform for behavioral coaches across niches or categories to help an individual achieve their dreams and goals. 

Coaching in a broader perspective is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance. It is like helping someone to recognize their untapped potential and to explore it for the person’s growth and development. Coaching helps you to become the person you want to be.

To add more, Coaching is a journey where Coach partners with his client in a thought-provoking and a creative process that triggers the hidden or un-exploited potential of the client to achieve great success in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals.

He and his team at believe that every one, be it a student, homemaker, professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders, each one wants to develop and grow in their life and a coach is the right person to help them develop and grow and to make them achieve their dreams and goals through self-transformation. 

With this thought process to provide a solution and a helping hand to every individual, Anirvan Chakravarty has created where one can find and engage with a coach as per their niche requirement. The platform has coaches ranging from executive coaching, business coaching, entrepreneur coaching to life coaching, career coaching, career transition coaching to wellness coaching, health and meditation coaching and likewise. The platform in its current structure, provides many features that helps a user in easy navigation and engagement with a coach. The team is in the process of developing the platform further by adding more features which will help the coaches as well as the clients, both individual and the corporates to engage with each other end to end on the platform itself. This will further help a user to address his/her issues in more easy and friendly manner. India’s first global platform (marketplace) for coaches.
 Pic: Founder's keynote by anirvan Chakravarty

Anirvan Chakravarty, CEO & Founder of further confirmed that they intend to engage with corporates, educational institutes and even NGOs to maximize their reach and ensure that every nook and corner of the country (and later at global level) is covered and that no one ever feels helpless or hopeless in pursuit of his or her dreams and goals. is there to help everyone!

This Mumbai based startup was launched into the market during the pandemic times last year in June 2020. Since then, it has been growing in its reach to the people with each passing day. has been recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. Among his other achievements, Anirvan Chakravarty has been honored with the prestigious ‘Man of Excellence Award for the year 2020’ by the Indian Achievers Forum. 

The Platform is live and can be accessed at

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