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Sunday, April 10, 2022

E-Summit'22 By BloomBox, E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai

Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai

E-Summit'22 By  BloomBox, E-cell K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering(KJSCE), Mumbai

BloomBox, the EntrepreneurshipCell of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering is pleased to announce E-SUMMIT 2022  with the aim of setting new benchmarks and reaching greater heights.

BloomBox, E-Cell KJSCE would like to welcome you all to the 2 day long enlightening, inspiring and fun-filled journey of E-Summit 2022 that would be consisting of many exciting events and speaker sessions handpicked and curated to give you the best Entrepreneurship experiences With E-Summit 2022 starting, get ready for many surprises including engaging and exciting events, enormous learning opportunities and attractive prizes. We are sure that you will have a wonderful experience at this year's E-Summit!

Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai

E-Summit 2022 -an online culmination of 8+ competitions, fun events and speaker sessions is held on the 15-16th April 2022, here are the events :


Ennovate '22

 The flagship event of BloomBox, Ennovate, is the highlight of the E-Summit, but this time it has a different touch to it. Participants in this competition can choose any domain and come up with an ideal business model along with a prototype that will revolutionize the functioning of that domain and add value to it by making it easier for the dispenser’s as well as the receiver’s end.


Date :16th April    Time : 10 am



What Went Wrong?


In order to successfully run a business, it’s important to know what precautions a company should take to avoid its downfall. As a part of E-Summit, BloomBox presents to you a Case Study Competition to comprehend how a company toppled and present a solution to it. In the second round the participants have to choose another venture, prepare and deliver a presentation explaining their own mitigation strategies/ solutions the company could have done in the presence of judges as well as other team members.


Date : 16th April, 2022  Time : 10:00 am


Think Tank


Think Tank is a two-day-long competition where participants will be provided with problem statements that will revolve around ideas that need to be made more efficient with a touch of innovation; the birthplace of the innovation will be ideation. The competition will be in teams and teams will be given 45 minute to think of a creative solution to a particular problem and the shortlisted teams would be pitching the solutions to gain equity in their idea and discuss its future prospects in the second round.


Date : 15th April, 2022  Time : 3:00 pm


Brand Wars

All must have heard about the marketing battle of Coke vs Pepsi and thought “What a comeback”. So here is your chance to create and be a part of one! Brand Wars is a two-day-long competition where participants will compete against each other as brands, but with a fun twist. The brands allotted to teams will be switched up from their actual domain to a new one (Eg. Nike as a Food Company) and participants will have to plan a crazy marketing strategy for building their alternate brand and eventually engaging in a witty combat to emerge as the superior one!


Date : 15th April, 2022     Time : 11:00 am


A competition for a cause. Unlike other competitions where the participation is for winning and gaining experience, this competition will also promote, encourage and foster the idea of social entrepreneurship which is defined as an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. In this competition, the participants are expected to come up with an idea that resolves an issue pertaining to social entrepreneurship.


Date : 15th April, 2022      Time : 1:00 pm


Let's Talk Finance 

A webinar that shows how to get started with financial investments. There is an adage that goes, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Starting to invest early will not only help you tackle present economic challenges, but those that will be coming in subsequent times.

In the fast-paced world where everyone talks about how passive income is crucial, it is wise to start investing in the endless, untapped and emerging sources as early as possible. The session will emphasize how to get started with investing and where to invest.

Date : 15th April, 2022     Time : 5:00 pm


The Subtle Art Of Influencership

In this age where it is so challenging to keep up with changes and just as thrilling to keep discovering new ones, everyone wants to put forth to the world their interests and build a community out of it. Hence the exciting topic of Influential Entrepreneurship for our webinar as a part of E-Summit.


Date : 16th April, 2022     Time : 5:00 pm


Mock Crypto Trading Contest

An event that will introduce you to the next big thing so that you don’t get left behind in the race of being the next global leader. Cryptocurrency trading will not only educate you about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency but will also aim to make you street smart by helping you trade in counterfeit cryptocurrency that will challenge as well as educate you about the condition of the current crypto market.


Date : 10th-15th April, 2022     Time : 12:00 pm

BloomBox, Entrepreneurship Cell


We hope to see you at E-Summit ’22. Incase of any queries feel free to reach us out on our social media.
For more details visit our website: https://www.bloomboxkjsce.com/ESummit


Pre-Event Images

Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai
Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai
Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai


Esummit bloombox E-cell KJSCE, Mumbai

Website - www.bloomboxkjsce.com

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