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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Sunita Bansdawala wins The AuthorPreneur’s Award

Sunita Bansdawala wins  The AuthorPreneur’s Award

Sunita Bansdawala wins  The AuthorPreneur’s Award

Sunita Bansdawala, originally from Zimbabwe, began writing when she was 16 years old. After completing her formal education, she worked with United Nations W.H.O. Now she is based in Mumbai, venturing into specific avenues of her career. 

Sunita begins by quoting her powerful line, "Writing Words Wonderfully". She believes every person who is less-fortunate, or home-makers, or employees, or entrepreneurs should tell their real stories. She says, “Not everyone is a movie superstar, but every person living amongst our family or friends, is striving to live a blissful, harmonious and peaceful life, by reaching their goals and vision. My mission is to help those people make a mark for themselves in this world.” She strongly says, “These people will inspire others across cities, towns and countries. They must become legends with their words or biographies!”

Sunita is an AuthorPreneur, who coaches budding writers to be published authors in her signature program, “Journey of AuthorPreneurs”. She guides her writers step-by-step from developing content, gives opportunities to become columnists, and helps publish their books. She is known as a mentor to all writers from children to teenagers to middle-aged people. Her youngest writer is 11 years old, and her most senior writer is 55 years old.

Sunita Bansdawala wins  The AuthorPreneur’s Award

Sunita is a certified Cambridge IGCSE English & Literature Educator, and has completed her authorship from Ruskin Bond. She adorns five hats:

1. Chief Editor of CPreneur Hub

2. International Writing Facilitator

3. Global CoachPreneur

4. Creative Writing Division Head of Learner's Hub 

5. Amazon Authors Program Facilitator

On 11 April 2022, Sunita was delighted to be nominated amongst 90 contestants, at the Bloom Awards Event. This wonderful event at Miraj Hotel in Mumbai, was organized extraordinarily well and professionally. Sunita is immensely grateful to the Bloom Founder and Co-Founders respectively, Ms. Payal Irani, Dr. Neeta Mishra, Mr. Deepak Khemani, and Mr. Abhijit Sanzgiri; also she wonderfully praises the co-ordinator, Ms. Natasha Sequeira and her team for handling all queries. 

A heartfelt appreciation to Sunita’s mentors and all her mentees for trusting and believing in her work. Also her deepest gratitude to the Universe for being with her every-time, and every-where. 

During this Bloom Awards Event, Sunita believes her angels - mother, late-father, late-grandmother, grandfather, husband, son and in-laws were showering their blessings, as she was prestigiously honoured with Bloom’s AuthorPreneur Award. This award has paved a way for Sunita, as she reached her milestone of being recognized as an established AuthorPreneur

Now, Sunita is looking for opportunities to join publishing houses or literary agencies; and continue to help budding writers become Published Authors. Sunita Bansdawala can be contacted via:






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